I was eating a pear earlier and Sophia ended up wanting some so I gave her her own. She ate the hole thing plus half of another. I’m not entirely ready for the consequences of these actions.

I just went and got a few things for Sophia’s Easter basket. She got some sidewalk chalk that look like eggs, some sunglasses, and a set of play necklaces. I’m wanting to get her an Easter board book, but I’m not sure which one to get her. Anyone have suggestions?

I have a doctor appointment today, and then we are going to get some standard maintenance done to my car. New tires, battery, oil change, etc.. Plus I have to get the thing registered. My best friend is in town with her daughter until Thursday so I’m thinking of having Steven get it registered while I’m at the doctor and maybe have him drop me off with her while he gets the tires and what not done. I just don’t feel like walking around walmart with Sophia forever. Poor kid had to spend almost the entire day in a car seat yesterday.

I haven’t stopped looking at Craigslist ads for cars for the past three days. Like, it is literally all I do from the time I am awake to the time I go to bed, and I’ve stayed up way too late the past few nights. Waaay too late. My eyes hurt, and I need more coffee. But hopefully I will have a car soon!